Making Old Things New Again

In my personal life I am really trying to cut down on clutter and find new purposes for old things (in both an effort to save money and help our planet).   I decided that I am going to try to do the same in my classroom this year.  Usually I go out and spend lots of money preparing for a new school year but I am going to try to reuse some things this year.  One thing that I found in my garage was an old clipboard.  I decorated it with paint pens my first year as a teacher and boy did I think I was creative (ha, ha).  Here's what it looked like before (sorry for the glare):

I bought two sheets of scrapbook paper at Michaels (for only 50 cents total) and used some paper and Modge Podge that I had at home.  Then I used my Cricut to cut out my name in vinyl.  Now I have a "new" clipboard personalized just for me!  I think I'd like to add ribbon to the top but I don't have any at home that matches so it might stay like it is.

Next I decided to cover empty formula cans with paper to make pencil holders.  I usually buy cute cups or organizers but I think these turned out great and when I get tired of the paper or change my classroom theme I can easily change them again.

Finally I decided that I'm going to designate a small bookshelf in our classroom as the
At the Celebrity Book Swap Stop, students will be able to leave a book from home and take a new one.  The kiddos will fill in information on the Give One, Get One form to help me with record keeping.  This is a terrific way for students to expand their home library or simply borrow a book, read it, and keep swapping for new ones.  Click the link below to get the Give One, Get One form, which can also be altered to use as a learning activity.  Simply give students a copy of the form (or have them draw a T-chart on notebook paper to save copies).  Students brainstorm a topic (let's say writing ideas) and write their ideas under the Give One column.  After a few minutes of writing, students then find a partner and take turns sharing an idea.  Students each record a new idea in the Get One column.  Students find a new partner and repeat the process until time is called.  It's a great way to have students work collaboratively!


  1. I love the idea of the Celebrity Book Swap!
    Welcome to blogging!! I look forward to sharing ideas with you!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  2. Very cute clipboards. I just found your blog and am a follower now. :)

  3. Thanks Mrs. McKown! I'm going to have to check your blog out after I'm finished on here! ;)

  4. Thanks for following, Teacher Tam!

  5. Hey Wendy, I was glad to find your blog! Hope the boys are doing well! I was just wondering where you get your vinyl that you cut with your Cricut? I have a Cricut and have always wanted to cut out vinyl and use it in my clssroom more than I do, but haven't made the jump yet. Thanks! Tell Cade that Benjamin says hi!

  6. Hi Rachel, we're great and hope that you are too! Cade says hi to Ben! =O)

    There are two places where I order vinyl. One is and 6 X 12 sheets are usually 73 cents. I recently ordered from Oh My Crafts and got 12 X 24 sheets for $1.49 which is an awesome price!

    I am starting to use the Cricut for vinyl projects more often. I have a few things in mind for my classroom. I'll post pictures when they're ready! Let me know if you have any questions about using vinyl.


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