Freebie Friday

Yay, yay,'s Friday!!!  I had a great two days with my awesome new kiddos but boy am I exhausted! 

So in honor of Friday, I thought I'd post a few freebies.  =O)

Our state is transitioning to Core Standards and Essential Standards and we are beginning to emphasize the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.  I created these small charts and put them right behind my guided reading table to use as a reference with my students.  When I have the time and energy, I plan to take them to Staples or somewhere and get them blown up into large posters. 

I always like to spend the first two days getting to know my students and helping them become acquainted with one another.  I found some fabulous activities on other blogs so I thought I'd share two that I created.  They are both pretty simple but the kids enjoyed them.  First is a Find Someone Who activity.

The next is called "A Time Capsule about Me."  The students filled in their answers now under the August column and we will put them in a "capsule."  In June, we'll open the capsule and they'll write their answers to see if any of their preferences and tastes have changed.

What fun things have you done to get to know your kiddos???


  1. Great blog! I plan to share with 100 teachers today. Check out my new blog on differentiated instruction.

  2. Thanks! I will have to check out your blog!

  3. I am leaving Kindergarten and bumping up to 3rd grade next year. I am already starting to lesson plan, since I will be on maternity leave the first month of school...scary, I know! Anyway, thanks for these freebies. I love them and they are perfect for our first weeks of school!

  4. Hi Amber, I actually did the opposite a few years back. I went from third grade to kindergarten. Talk about a shock! It was loads of fun though. Moving grades and being on maternity leave will be challenges but I'm sure you'll be awesome. Let me know if I can help you with any third grade stuff! =)

  5. Hi Wendy,
    I was wondering where you found the border that you used for the Bloom's posters?

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I'm your newest follower. This is the first year I will be teaching 3rd grade. I downloaded all your freebies on this page thanks so much. Now I'm headed over to tpt to see what I can purchase from you. Thanks again. I will be watching out for your blog post.


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