Yay for Summertime! And a FREEBIE!

Woo-hoo!  Are y'all enjoying summer vacation as much as I am???  Don't get me wrong, I love school, my students, and teaching but boy was I ready for a break.  I haven't been up to much lately but I sure have been lovin' on my sweet, sweet boys and enjoying some extra time with the hubs.  Oh yeah, and I attended a workshop on Common Core for English Language Arts.  A bit overwhelmed but I'm sure I'll get it all sorted out soon.

Anyways, since reading has been on the brain for my last two days, I thought I'd share a freebie with you!  Here are some reading strategy posters that I use with my kiddos.  I keep them posted by our guided reading area and refer to them often.   If you download them, please comment and let me know how you plan to use them!

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