June Goals

I'm posting two days in a row y'all, can you believe it?  That's because although my stress level is high right now, the amount of work I'm dragging home each night is small.  Just 3 1/2 more days to go!

So my real life BFF is Jess over at I {Heart} Recess and I'm ashamed to say that this is the first time I've joined one of her linky parties.  She has a monthly linky to set goals for yourself for that month and here are mine for June:

My personal goal is to get some crafts (I'm thinking a vinyl tree, a wreath, and some metal strips to put the boys' artwork up) created to put up in my kitchen (which the hubs and I painted like a year ago...ok, November but that was a long time ago).  Since we painted, I put up new curtains and a vinyl quote but that's all (I've pinned a bunch of stuff...does that count?)  So anyways, I'm hoping to get some stuff up so we can stop staring at the blank (blue) walls.

My family goal is to start a daily family devotional.  We read the Bible together often and pray daily together but I'd like to be more focused and I think a kids' devotional book will help.

The health goal that I've set is to exercise every day (well starting next week, lol).  When I am out of school, this is so attainable and I did great last summer so I'm hoping to get back on track (at least until school starts again in August!)

The blogging goal is self-explanatory...I'm off to a good start this week. =O)

Finally, I have two books I plan to read (although there will probably be a few mindless reads in there too!)  Yay, I know I'm behind with the Daily Five but I'm thinking of revamping my ELA block and want to start with reading this book.

Hope y'all have a great night!

June Currently and Be the Teacher

Yipee!  It is time again for Farley's fun Currently.  I hope you'll link up if you haven''s a great way to find new bloggy friends. =O)
Oh' boy fourth grade
So the BEST part about this month's Currently is that it's June already... which means one thing...summer break is almost here!  Yay!
So since we've got 4 1/2 days left (I'm not excited or anything, lol) and our state testing is O.V.E.R., what is a teacher to do?  Well, this happy teacher loves to let her kiddos be the teachers during the last week of school.  Today was the first round of lessons and we had a blast.  Sorry the pics aren't great (iPhone...I really need to start bringing my camera) but I wanted to show what fun we've been up to.  We learned to blow two bubbles in one (with bubble gum...they were so excited) and we made a fancy paper airplane.  One student led us in making clay birds:
Another student taught us about dinosaurs and we assembled some puzzles/models:
We also learned how to tell the difference between a venomous and non venomous snake (and touched a snakeskin):
And finally we made stethoscopes (with tubing, funnels, and balloons) and  it was a favorite of the kids:
Letting your students be the teacher is a fun and entertaining way to keep the students engaged (without creating more stress for you because really you have enough of that right now!)  You can certainly do this without any type of paperwork/plan but I created a packet last year for this activity that includes a lesson approval form, parent letter, lesson plan for the kiddos to fill out, and a reflection writing activity. You can check it out here if you're interested.

Well, if you are already on summer break, I hope you're relaxing and enjoying your time off.  For those of you still in school like me, hang in there...we're almost there! =O)  Have a blessed night, y'all!

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