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If you have not checked out Pinterest, it is AMAZING!  I am absolutely addicted and love finding ideas for my home and for my classroom on the site.  Awhile ago I pinned this super cute way to dress up plain storage drawers (LOVE IT!!!):
Then my friend pinned this idea for organizing each day's materials in the classroom:
I usually organize my materials in a hanging file box but liked the idea of using these storage drawers because sometimes materials don't fit into the files.  So I decided to put the two ideas together to make a cute organizer for each day's materials and supplies.  I took a seven drawer cart that I already had (it's not exactly what I wanted because four drawers are small and three are larger but remember I'm really trying to be frugal this year!)
I spray painted it black (did you know they have special spray paint just for plastic???  I had no idea!)  Then I measured and cut pieces of paper to put on the inside of each drawer.  I cut the days of the week out in vinyl and slapped them on each drawer.  Here's a close up of the final product:
I also whipped up two little vinyl signs that go with my Hollywood/Celebrity theme to put on the bathroom doors in my classroom:
There are a few other projects that I'm working on that were inspired by Pinterest.  I'll post pictures when they're finished! =O)


  1. Thank you Melissa! I will post some pics of other Pinterest projects I made in a few days.

  2. Hi. I realize this is an old post, but I to say what a Great project this is! I'd like to try something similar -- can you tell me what the special plastic spray paint you used was, and also where you get the vinyl? Thanks.


    1. Hi there, I actually did not use a special spray paint. I just used Krylon Multi-Purpose spray paint. They do sell plastic spray paint at stores like Wal-mart and Target though if you wanted to use that instead. I always order my vinyl from either or Printonit has great prices but ohmycrafts has a bigger selection!


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