Division Word Problems FREEBIE

Stop the pressess...I'm posting twice in one day!  I know that's a big blogging no-no....but I hope that since I've been so slack on blogging lately and since I'm posting a freebie, you'll forgive me! =O)

I try really hard to engage my students in math with games, hands-on activities, and other fun methods but let's just face it...sometimes, I want to see on paper and pencil how they use their strategies to solve problems.  Tomorrow we're diving right back into our unit on division and I whipped up a few pages of division word problems.  I wanted to share them with you all because I'm sure some of my fellow thirdsters (and other friends too) could use it.  Click on the pic to go to get the file!


Happy New Year...January Currently

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you all had a fun night last night.  My husband and I spent most of the night being entertained by our kids (especially our youngest who was bouncing off the walls until about 10:30 last night and he normally goes to bed at 7 every night!)  It was really the perfect start to the new year because other than God, my hubby and my boys are the most important things in my world!  I hope that your New Year's Eve was spent with those you love most.

I've been horrible at blogging lately so I'm hoping that linking up with the super fab Farley for her January Currently will help me get back in the posting swing of things.   Here goes:

I hope that you all have a blessed new year and a great first day back (whenever it may be for you!)
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