Classroom Pictures

Here are some pictures (which by the way I am a horrible photographer!!!) of my classroom.  We are Smith's Celebrities and I went with a Hollywood theme. =O)

First up is a pic of my Oscar Worthy Behavior Board
This was inspired by
I took some of ideas from her Box Office Behavior and tailored them to fit my school's model.

Here's my birthday board
My (bare for right now) Celebrity of the Week board (I'll post more about this later.)
My Word Wall (which I didn't notice before looking at the picture but the bottom row of letters is WAY crooked!!!)
My Guided Reading area
Student work displays on the closets (if you couldn't already school is OLD!!!)
Here's my desk decorated with vinyl (and the neatest it will probably ever look!)
Here is what the students' nametags look like...I just cut vinyl with my Cricut (I <3 that thing!!!)
I'll post a few more pics tomorrow...mostly of some Pinterest inspired crafts that I did for my classroom!


  1. It looks great!! I love your theme!!

  2. Thanks Steph! I had a lot of fun getting my room ready!

  3. Your room looks great! I am doing a Hollywood theme this year too. It is the first theme year in a long time for me.

    Third Grade's a Charm

  4. Thanks IamNan! The Hollywood theme is so fun! Most of my experience is K-2 so I definitely love using themes!

  5. What information do you keep in the binder? What does it say on the paper to the right of the clip chart--explanations for each color? I would love to know what it says! I am doing a Hollywood theme in classroom again this year, but it will be my first year using a clipchart. Thanks! Malorie

  6. Where did you get the vinyl for your desk? Looks great!


  7. Hi Malorie, inside the binder is a page for each student. Each page has a table on it that says date, reason for changing color, color changed to, and action plan. Students have to write on their page each time they change a color. This is a great way for me to keep track of their behavior and if there are recurring issues, I can show the sheet to the parents too. Yes, the chart to the right explains each color. Let me know if I can help!

  8. Hi Summyr, I ordered that vinyl from They have a nice variety of vinyl and great prices. I also use alot too.

  9. Thanks Wendy for posting pics of this amazing classroom! I am doing a Hollywood theme for my new classroom this year. 1. What exactly does the color explanation chart say to the right of your behavior chart. 2. What is on your now featuring guided reading wall? 3. With common core do you think there is anything you will add or change for a bulletin board?
    Vanessa K

    1. Hi Vanessa, the Hollywood theme is so fun! My kids love it and I'm sure yours will too. The color chart is as follows (from the top): Award Winner, Hollywood Star, On the Red Carpet, Rave Reviews, Broken Reel, Change the Script, Cut off the Set, and Director's Choice. The focus wall contained vocabulary words, spelling words, comprehension strategies/skills, main selection poster, and phonics skills. I kept it very similar last year but am planning to change it up this year. I'm not exactly sure how yet though...I will post a pic once I decide. Let me know if I can help with anything!

  10. Hey Wendy. I was wondering where you were able to get the movie clipboards for your birthday "Star is Born" bulletin board? I have seen it all over the place but can't find the pieces for the bulletin board and I love it!


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