Accentuate the Positive =O)

While I do have a behavior system that includes consequences, I really try to focus on the positive behaviors that my students exhibit.  A few years ago I read about bucket filling on Beth Newingham's website and began the system in my classroom.  It is an awesome way to explain to kids how their actions and words affect others.  If you haven't checked out this book before, it's a MUST have in my opinion!

I am going to continue to use this concept but am going to change it up a bit to go with my classroom theme.  My students will be giving "Celebrity Shout Outs" to each other!  I know that my kiddos are really going to enjoy focusing on encouraging and uplifting one another.

Also I want to do better this year about writing my students little notes to let them know the efforts are appreciated.  When I was on Pinterest (my complete's all because there's an iPhone app!!!), I saw a link to these super cute encouraging word cards: 

I printed them out and plan to write personalized notes on the back of them to my students.  These cards also motivated me to create some that go along with my theme.  I hope that by having these already printed and cut out I will do a better job of celebrating my students' successes.


  1. Wendy, your encouraging word cards are BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful. I am now following your weblog!


  2. Thank you Tamara! I am becoming a Teaching Blog Addict!!! Thanks for creating such an awesome resource.

  3. Victoria, I love the encouraging word cards too but I did not create them. I got them from tipjunkie. If you click on the link, it will take you there. Thanks for following!

  4. Love the encouraging words cards! I'm a new follower!

    Quench Your First

  5. I love them too Tina! Thanks for following! =O)

  6. Was wondering if you would be willing to share your celebrity shout out printable. I have a Hollywood theme in my classroom and would love to use these.


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