Monday Made It

Have you ever wanted to do something for your classroom but it seemed to get pushed aside because you could always think of ten million other things that just seemed more important at the time?  Well, that's what has always happened to me whenever I tried to get Writing Workshop folders made. Then last week I saw Nicole's post (about her adorable Writing Folders for PreK-1) over at Rowdy in Room 300 and I saw how easy it was to make those folders, I knew I had to do it!  So I got started on assembling 25 folders (although with this crazy budget mess going on in NC, I'm sure I'll need more than just 25!) and created the printables to go inside the folders.  You can check them out here if you're interested.  {Just an FYI-the entire packet is blackline because I don't know how things roll at your school but we are super limited on color copies and pretty tight on black and white ones too!  So I always try to cutesy stuff up by slapping it on some neon paper!}

I'm excited about these and I think they'll be a terrific resource for my kiddos!

And I do have one craft to share but it's not a school one.  My boys are OBSESSED with superheroes.  They want to always wear costumes, play superheroes, fight with their figurines....I mean I even have to buy superhero popsicles at the store for these guys, lol.  Well, my youngest kept saying he needed a superhero cape.  So one night I made these little, super easy reversible capes (for about $8 total) and they absolutely adore the capes.  And I absolutely adore those boys!
Well I better run, I think I hear my little Batman waking from his nap! Have a blessed day!

Time Travel Linky and Quick Giveaway

My real life BFF over at I {Heart} Recess is hosting a Time Travel Linky and I think it's such a fun idea.  I always share pictures of myself as a kid with my students because they love to see what I looked like (and laugh at me a little).  But they also usually think it is so neat that I teach at the same school where I went as a kid.  That's right y'all, I was once a student in those same halls and classrooms where I now teach!!!  My elementary school had such an impact on me as a child that I just knew I had to teach there once I graduated (I started teaching there, then left, but wound up back there's like home!)

Anyways, so I teach third grade and for the life of me I could not find a picture from third grade.  (They are probably all still at my parents' house).  But I did find this picture from second grade.  Don't mom tried to give me Farrah Fawcett wings but I had wavy, hello Mom, what were you thinking???
Grade: 2nd
Year: 1985-1986
Teacher: Miss Pittman
Favorites:  Full House, t-shirt clips, jewelry (notice the watch, lol), and jelly shoes
Memories: My teacher, Miss Pittman, was AMAZING!  She was extremely artistic.  She even made doll cradles and houses out of cardboard for us and we got to paint them.  She incorporated art into everything that we did.  She was also a terrific photographer (she took this picture) and I remember thinking it was so cool because she'd somehow do a mirror image and then I'd tell everyone I had a twin (I couldn't find one of those though).

Okay, so that's a little history getting to the giveaway. 

I recently mourned the loss of a flash drive and to be honest y'all, I just couldn't even think about school for a few weeks.  I have some of my files backed up but of course not much from last school year which was our first with Common Core (am I a ding dong or what???)  So I have finally dragged myself out of the black hole that I was in, realizing that school starts in about a month and I need to kick it in high gear, and created a new product to help get movin'.  Our county has 3.NBT.1-Rounding as the first standard for us to teach so I created this fun packet to get my students excited about rounding.  I'll be honest y'all, I used to teach them the cutesy Cinderella chant and the Bossman rhyme and all kids of other catchy things.  But now that we're really diving deep into Common Core, we are to teach rounding by using tools like hundreds charts and number lines.  So that's where this packet comes into play. 
And I'd love to give a copy of this packet away to one of you.  Since we took a little trip back in time, it made me think a lot about my elementary years.  I was actually in elementary school when I declared that I was going to be a teacher (and I never wavered in my decision).  So the first person who guesses what grade I was in when I decided I wanted to be a teacher will receive a copy of this packet.  (Hint-I was in elementary school for 1st-6th grades!) Don't forget to leave your email in your comment!

Monday Made It, Currently, and Blog Lovin'

Hi everyone, I have not posted much lately because let's just face it...I have been entirely too busy enjoying my time with these cuties!
We spent one day recently at the Marbles Museum, which we <3.  Any other NC folks ever been?  If not, you must check Marbles out, your kids (and you, when they are passed out in the car later) will thank me!
So I do have a little something for Tara's Monday Made It Linky.

It is technically not a school related project but it could easily be adapted to be used at school.  I am on a health and fitness journey, trying to shed some pounds and overall just become healthier, so I made this super cute Motivation Board to keep me on track.  I just started with a plain dry erase board from Walmart, added some green duct tape (that I already had) to cover the edges, put on some vinyl letters to say "Motivation Board," and then filled it up with encouraging words to help me stay on track. 
You could make one of these for school and list encouraging words/phrases to your students or even let them write messages to each other.  It would be a super way to enhance the positive environment in your classroom!
I'm linking up today with Farley too for her Currently Linky because let's face is highly unlikely that I'll blog again this week (I mean did you look at those sweet boys' pics and we have a busy week)!  So here's what I'm up to:
So they're all pretty clear but please let me know if you have some healthier alternatives to regular cookout kinda foods!  I love homemade macaroni salad but do not love the calories.  I'd love to hear some recipes (I'll be scouring Pinterest too)! =O)
Finally, if you haven't heard, Google Reader is going bye-bye!  So please click over to the left and follow me on Blog Lovin'!  (So sorry, I can't figure out how to get the cute pics like everyone else!)
Have a blessed night!

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