Fun Freebies

Hi bloggy friends!  Here's a quick post with two freebies for you.  The first is what I called "Spooky Suffixes."  We used these in a literacy center and the kiddos basically played Concentration with the cards.  You could easily use the cards to play Suffix Go Fish or just a simple matching game. 

The next is a graphic organizer that I typed for my students to use with the Someone, Wanted, But, So, Then Summarizing Strategy.  I was introduced to this strategy by Kathy Bumgardner (
six or so years ago and it's the best thing I've found to help my students summarize fiction stories.  Some of my students don't need the actual organizer and create their own but others benefit from the help of the premade organizer.  Hopefully, some of your kiddos can use it too!

If you download either document, please leave a quick comment on how you plan to use (or even improve on my idea).  I love to hear feedback!  Thanks and have a terrific week!

Scientific Method

Hey y'all, we've been really focusing on the scientific method lately and I wanted to share two freebies with you.  The first is just a quick sheet to check students' understanding of the scientific process.

Then I found online (I wish I could remember where) this great idea to reinforce the steps of the scientific method by having students follow the process to answer the question:  Do taller children wear a larger shoe size than shorter children?  My students loved completing this project (I think they mostly loved taking off their shoes, lol.)  Here is the recording sheet that they used and it can be used for any project.


WOW! An Award for Me!!!

I haven't blogged in about two weeks and imagine my surprise to see that I've been given my first ever blogging award!  Sweet Rebecca over at

awarded me the

I'll try to post my top ten and pass on this award soon!

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