Back to School Packets and a FREEBIE

Hey y'all, so I have really been LOVING my summertime!  (I think that's how I started my last post so it. must. be. true!!!)  It's just too easy to relax or jump in the pool with the boys and not think about school.  Besides, I don't know about y'all but I seem to have a hard time being inspired when I'm away from my students.  There's just something about being around my kiddos that gets my wheels turning.  Anyways, regardless of the lack of inspiration, I have managed to slowly start thinking about going back to school and have come up with a few activities that are making me excited for the new year.  I know my new kiddos will love them too!  And if you're interested, please click on the pics to go to my TPT store.

The first packet is called Back to School Blacklines. I love to print my stuff all pretty in color but my budget certainly doesn't allow for that!  So that's why I created this packet with blacklines.  I'll just brighten it up by copying onto neon colored paper. 

A super fun craftivity in this packet is a clipboard that really works (courtesy of a small binder clip).  I think this would make a darling display!  (And of course my kiddos would color their pages but I'm's the summer, I tell ya!)
Okay, so that freebie is coming, I promise...just one more craftivity that I want to share.  I've always read The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane Derolf and used it to lead a discussion about differences and also teamwork.  So, I came up with a Crayon Box Craftivity that students complete as a team.  Each student creates a different colored crayon and then writes on the back one way that he/she can be a team player. 
Finally, the FREEBIE!  I always like to give my students a little something when they come to Open House.  I thought it would be super cute to give each kiddo a fun colored highlighter (other than the typical yellow...which of course was all I had to make a sample, lol).  You can get a copy for free (there are five colors of writing/borders..some also say the highlight of my day)  if you want to give highlighters to your students as a welcome little gift.

Well, thanks for reading and stay tuned!  I'm getting close to 300 followers and I'm planning a giveaway! 

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