Monday Made It...Sort of...And FREEBIES

Hey y'all, I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made It.  If you noticed my title, well, I sort of made it...
Last Monday I said that instead of just making some cutesy things for my classroom that I was going to make some purposeful items.  So I tried to kind of mesh the two. Last year I never posted a cursive letter alphabet in my classroom and when it was time to teach cursive, I found myself really wishing I had put one up.  So I decided to create a chevron alphabet banner to put in my room.  Here's where the sort of part comes in...I created it and have printed and cut it out but that's as far as I've gotten:
The reason I haven't gotten had time to put it together is because I thought my bloggy friends might like these too!  So I created several different color combinations-pink/green, teal/green, rainbow, red (the red looks dark but that's the one I made and I promise it's a nice red), yellow, and teal/red and they are all FREE!!!  Here's what the pink and green combo looks like.  You can click on the pic below and it will take you to my TPT store.  There you can snag whichever banner set you'd like.
Please comment and let me know if you download one of the sets.  I'd especially love to hear if you have a creative way to use this other than just a banner!

Happy Monday, y'all!


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    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm excited to put mine up!

  2. Thanks for sharing....I love the pink/green combo!

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    1. You're welcome, Brandi! I love it too but it doesn't go with my current theme or else that's what I would have up!


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