You ARE Making a Difference {Happy Teacher Appreciation Week}

I know you're stressed, teacher friend.

You've spend countless hours differentiating assignments, planning remediation, tutoring for free on your own time, collaborating with colleagues, sending strategies and extra assignments to parents, and stimulating the young minds of your precious students, not only in hopes of preparing them for life but inevitably for "the test."

I know you're tired, teacher friend.

I see you rockin' a ponytail for the third time this week and wearing a dress because frankly it's easier to throw one on than to coordinate a whole outfit.  And really, is summer ever going to get here?  You long to not have to set your alarm, put your toes in the sand, and even read a book for enjoyment!

I know you're discouraged, teacher friend.

You have tried a zillion ways to help your students learn how to find the area of a rectilinear figure (can I get an AMEN?!?!?!) and they're just not grasping it. And you are trying to do this in between teaching new standards and administering assessment, after assessment, after assessment.  Oh yeah, and you have no teacher assistant any more and you haven't gotten a raise in who knows how long!

It's the end of the year and it's so easy to complain and to give up and to be consumed by all of these feelings.  But I urge you, teacher friend, to persevere.

It's crazy how everything the Lord does is according to His plan, His divine and perfect plan.

I help lead a small group in the Kids' Ministry at my church.  And month after month, when I look at the concept for the month, I feel like it's a big ole smack in the face.  It's always something I need to hear.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And guess what this month's virtue is???


And the verse we're teaching the kids...well it couldn't be more perfect for me right now and I'd imagine you could benefit from it too at this time of year!

Did you hear that, teacher friend?  Try not to feel stressed!  Don't be tired!  Do not get discouraged and for goodness sake, don't give up!

You will reap the harvest one day.

Those students that you love, nurture, mother, teach, laugh with, hug, smile at, encourage...well those kids, those very same kids, they will be a better people, positive contributors to our world, critical and cooperative thinkers...all because you did not give up!  You remained persistent, you showed endurance, and you ran the good race!

You ARE making a difference!  Don't you forget that!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!


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    1. Thanks Christy! Wishing you a blessed remainder of the school year! =O)

  2. Hi Rachel, I definitely need encouragement at this point in the year and know others do too! I hope you have a blessed rest of the school year! =O)


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