Monday Made It, Currently, and Blog Lovin'

Hi everyone, I have not posted much lately because let's just face it...I have been entirely too busy enjoying my time with these cuties!
We spent one day recently at the Marbles Museum, which we <3.  Any other NC folks ever been?  If not, you must check Marbles out, your kids (and you, when they are passed out in the car later) will thank me!
So I do have a little something for Tara's Monday Made It Linky.

It is technically not a school related project but it could easily be adapted to be used at school.  I am on a health and fitness journey, trying to shed some pounds and overall just become healthier, so I made this super cute Motivation Board to keep me on track.  I just started with a plain dry erase board from Walmart, added some green duct tape (that I already had) to cover the edges, put on some vinyl letters to say "Motivation Board," and then filled it up with encouraging words to help me stay on track. 
You could make one of these for school and list encouraging words/phrases to your students or even let them write messages to each other.  It would be a super way to enhance the positive environment in your classroom!
I'm linking up today with Farley too for her Currently Linky because let's face is highly unlikely that I'll blog again this week (I mean did you look at those sweet boys' pics and we have a busy week)!  So here's what I'm up to:
So they're all pretty clear but please let me know if you have some healthier alternatives to regular cookout kinda foods!  I love homemade macaroni salad but do not love the calories.  I'd love to hear some recipes (I'll be scouring Pinterest too)! =O)
Finally, if you haven't heard, Google Reader is going bye-bye!  So please click over to the left and follow me on Blog Lovin'!  (So sorry, I can't figure out how to get the cute pics like everyone else!)
Have a blessed night!


  1. I love the idea of the motivation board! I'm heading out right now to make my own. Thanks heaps, I love your blog, I've just started following!

    The E-Z Class

  2. Thanks Erin, I put it right in front of my elliptical so when I feel like stopping, it keeps me going!


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