Five for Friday!

So I've been away for awhile and there's no better way to make a comeback than to link up with the fabulous Doodle Bugs!

So here are my five for the week...and let's just say I'm shouting a big TGIF!!!  (Will Spring Break ever here???)

1.  First up is a pic of my sweet boys enjoying the swings at the park!  They are a big part of why I haven't blogged in over two months. My oldest son was hospitalized with a blood disease called ITP back in January and we had a month packed with doctor's appointments, blood checks, etc.  Then it was his birthday and we had a big Star Wars party for him and it took me the rest of February to recover, lol!  I think I might be back on track now that it's mid March!

2.  Next up are some pics of Social Studies posters that my kiddos made.  Anyone else out there struggle with Social Studies???  It is certainly not my strength as a teacher (perhaps because it's not an interest to me...but I am really trying to get better)!  Anyways, one of our Essential Standards is for students to understand how people, ideas, and events cause change.  So I put my kiddos into groups, assigned them some text to read and discuss, gave them some bulletin board paper, and they went to work.  These are just small parts of the posters but they were terrific and they did awesome oral presentations to go along with them.  I had to include the bottom poster...notice the Essential Questions that they created at the top (don't notice the grammatical errors though, ha!)  Gotta love those kiddos...they know all about the EQs! 
3.  Usually I give the kiddos a worksheet to color and construct to help them understand that the earth revolves around the sun and the moon around the earth.  This year I decided to let them draw and color their own....they look way better/more unique....enough said!
4.  Elapsed time (especially with a number line) just might be the death of me...but this video from Learn Zillion definitely helped it click for some of my kiddos:  Got any other tips???  I'd love if you comment and share them below.

5.  Lastly is a non-teaching random but I just discovered this show and just may have watched all there is so far of season 2 within the last week.  I am not a big TV person at all but I am addicted....and now I'm going crazy because there are no new episodes yet!
Well thanks for sticking with me friends and a special thanks to all of my new followers.  I realized I've surpassed 400 followers since I last checked.  I hope to have a fun freebie for you all soon.


  1. YAY! You linked up! Thanks for stopping by yesterday :)

  2. Hello from another Happy Teacher!! :) I popped over from Doodle Bugs link-up and I'm so glad I blog is suuuper cute!! I taught 3rd grade for a long time (now teaching kindergarten) and your blog made me nostalgic!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. Hi Happy Teacher friend! Too funny, I went from teaching third grade to kindergarten (and then back to third grade again eventually). Your blog is adorable!


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