Happy Monday...Random Post

Happy Monday, y'all!  It was a crazy, busy weekend so I didn't get to link up with Doodle Bugs like I wanted here's my random Monday post.

On Friday, my kiddos presented their Skeletal System Projects.  You can check out my project menu for free here if you'd like to snag it!   Anyways, I took pictures of the kids performing in their skits (complete with mustaches and lab coats, LOVED it) and singing their songs but in each pic I took, I happened to get one of my few kiddos who isn't allowed to have pics posted online.  So instead I just have a picture of one of the posters that the kids made, lol.  They all got super creative and were really thorough!
We are in full test prep mode now (we test in a little over two weeks).  In order to review, I created two weeks worth of homework pages with word problems that spiral back to review our Math Common Core Standards.  If you want to check it out, click on the pic below.  Oh, and if you comment below before this time tomorrow, I'll do a random number generator and pick one commenter to give a copy of this packet to.  Please be sure to leave your email in your comment!
So as you all know, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week (I hope you were all were spoiled!).  I was certainly made to feel appreciated and I received many thoughtful gifts and cards from my students and their families.  But hands down, this was the best gift to me.  One of my sweet boys wrote this note.  Check out the last line...MELT.MY.HEART!
Now, I want to share a few non teaching related things.  =O)  Our church has a wonderful Ladies Ministry called Immeasurably More (based on Ephesians 3:20-21).  I was a table hostess and truly enjoyed serving the ladies at my table.  It was a great night of food and fellowship.  Here's a pic of the table I decorated: 
Finally, I had a terrific Mother's Day with my sweet family and enjoyed a yummy dinner (cooked by my hubby) with my parents and in-laws.  My awesome mom surprised me with this wreath that she made for my door.  Isn't she talented???

Well, I'm off to bed...we had Field Day today and I played Capture the Flag and Secret Agent Dodgeball with my kiddos so I am WORN OUT!  I probably won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow, ha, ha!  Have a blessed night!

Five for Friday and Currently!

Hi everyone, I've been wanting to link up with Doodle Bugs for the past few weeks and just couldn't seem to get it together (story of my life lately!)  So I finally have found the time to link up!  Yay!
1.  I can't believe it's time for Farley's Currently linky again!  I feel like I just linked up for April's Currently (and I haven't posted since sad).  If you've never linked up, you have to check it out. 

2.  So, we've recently worked on 3.NF.2  and have been learning how to plot and identify fractions on a number line. We started by watching this video from Learn Zillion (my go to website...LOVE it): Learn Zillion. We did several days of drawing fraction models above our number line as the video shows. So then we wrote our names and related our names to a number line. The whole name represented the whole and each letter represented part of the whole. The kids seemed to really enjoy this simple activity and it helped solidify their understanding of the number line!

3.  In Science, we've been learning about the Skeletal System and my kiddos have been super excited about this unit!  I gave them this project menu (that you can get from my TPT store for free by clicking on the picture).  This has been highly motivating because first of all they get to choose which projects to complete and also because some of the activities are just plain fun!  The projects aren't due for another week so I hope to get some pics up then!
4.  Not too long ago, my team gave the third graders a practice EOG test (or READY now) because our kiddos have never taken such a lengthy paper/pencil test.  (They test each quarter on the computer through ClassScape assessments but their end of year test is paper/pencil and they have to bubble it all....)   Anywho, one standard that my students are still need practice with is RL.3.9 so I whipped up this little graphic organizer to help them compare and contrast two stories.  You can grab it for free at my TPT store (just click on the pic!)

5.  Finally, I just have to praise the Lord for how he's working in my son's life!  Last night he was acting up alot (nothing major, just typical little boy stuff) and I was talking to my hubby later about whether he seems to really understand repentance or not because usually we have to tell him to ask for forgiveness in his prayers.  Well, we pray every morning together at his school and this morning his prayer was simple but perfect.  He said, "Dear God, please forgive me of my sins.  Thank you for giving me a fresh start today!"  Remember y'all that you are forgiven!  Enjoy your weekend friends!
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