Your Students as Teachers

You all have them...kiddos who try to "teach" the class for you! Well, the truth is I think all students have a budding teacher somewhere inside of them. Ever since my first year of teaching, I've used this knowledge as what I think is a pretty clever way to engage the students (and not stress myself out trying to plan so many end of year activities). I've always given my students the opportunity to "Be the Teacher!" They love, love, love this and I've been amazed at some of the truly exciting and entertaining lessons that my students have taught. In the past, it's been a pretty informal thing. I'd just assign the kiddos a date to teach and they would just show up and teach! Well, I thought it would be a little more interesting and meaningful if they had to actually do some preplanning, including writing a lesson plan. So that's how my newest mini pack was born. You can check out the "Be the Teacher" pack at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Oh yeah, and the first person to comment on this post and leave his/her email, will be emailed (probably's late for this gal, lol) a free copy of "Be the Teacher."

Thanks a bunch!
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