Math Freebies

Whoa!  It's been two weeks since my last post.  That's because school has been CRAZY and things at home have been too (my baby has been sick).  =(  Hopefully, things are going to settle down soon. 

Anyway, here are two quick math freebies.  The first are some 10 and 100 More/Less cards.  I use these to do Kagan's Cooperative Learning structures Quiz-Quiz-Trade or Fan-N-Pick.   (If you don't know about Kagan, you. must. learn. now!  These strategies are all content free and ensure that all learners are engaged. 
Also, we're getting ready to start rounding.  I know there are lots of cute poems, raps, and other ideas out there but my mother-in-law shared "The Boss Man" with me many years ago and I've always had success with it.  I thought I'd share it with you too!

Have a great week!

Me and My Gang 3

I'm so excited to be the newest contributor to Me and My Gang 3!  This site is an awesome resource for   K-3 teachers.  Click the pic below and head to the third grade lounge where we all can collaborate and share ideas! =O)


Freebie...a few days late!

I have been so worn out from school that I actually didn't work on school stuff at all Friday night or yesterday!  So here's a freebie just a few days late.

I posted some Revised Bloom's Taxonomy posters last week and here are some bookmarks.  They are nothing fancy but are great for students to use when buddy reading or in guided reading.  You can copy them on cardstock (front to back) and cut down the middle. 

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